About us

who we are

About us

Riveka is an international trading company that trades agricultural commodities destinated for the animal feed industry, the food industry, as well as for renewable energy. Riveka is part of the Baywa group.
We form a small team that trades from our “office silo” in Boom on the southern edge of Antwerp.
the bigger picture

Riveka – Part of BayWa AG

On January 1, 2017, BayWa became the owner of the Tracomex group, which also includes Riveka. BayWa is listed on the stock exchange and focuses on agriculture, energy and building materials.

BayWa operates in more than 40 different countries with more than 17,000 employees. Cefetra Group is BayWa’s business unit for all international agro-trade activities in which we operate, and has its office in Rotterdam. Leading brands of the group are: TRACOMEX, BIOCORE, RIVEKA, THENERGY, CEFETRA, PREMIUM CROPS and ROYAL INGREDIENTS GROUP. These independent brands work closely together to guarantee the best possible service to our customers.


Our culture

We listen to our customers, follow the latest trends and like to describe ourselves as ‘lean and mean’. Our extensive experience and international network allow us to respond instantly to all significant developments.

Our network and a well-oiled supply chain give us the flexibility needed to offer ‘just in time’ delivery: never too early, never too late. Our history, the manner in which we interact with our partners, and the value we attach to open cooperation with our customers really make a difference. Quality, safety and sustainability are firmly embedded in every aspect of our operations.

What thrives us

Our motto

Trust, support and service are key elements in the relationship with our customers.

Interested in a career with Riveka?

At Riveka we appreciate competence, ambition and enterprise. We know that it is our people who make the difference.

We also know that the continuity and success of the organization depends entirely on those people. We can only grow as an organization if we give our people the opportunity to grow. We therefore devote much attention to personal growth and development so that everyone can make a full contribution to the team effort.

Diversity is key

Riveka is an equal opportunity employer in every sense of the term. We like to ensure that the right person is in the right place. We wish to create a fully diverse organization in which everyone is able to contribute his or her unique talents and can fulfil their true potential.